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Xennovation Paint

Epoxy GC 100

GC100 can create a hardened waterproof for the following materials: Cement block, Brick, Mortar, Fiber cement board and Plywood along with water compromised concrete surface. Also GC100 penetrates deeply into the material, so that it can provide strong bond with any type top coat. GC 100 can be used as paint primer for wet and oily surface, can also be mixed with cement to be used as epoxy cement paste or epoxy cement mortar, to make repairs to damaged architectural structures.

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Past Projects

Cosmo Fine Celah Aqueous Clear

Cosmo Fine Cera Aqueous Clear is an aqueous inorganic clear paint of two-part room temperature reactive curing type consisting of an organopolysiloxane resin emulsion mainly composed of a special inorganic component and a silicone oligomer containing glycidyl group. By modifying polysiloxane which is stable to heat and ultraviolet rays with a special component excellent in flexibility, excellent weather resistance / stain resistance which is an inorganic feature and bending resistance / crack resistance It is a next-generation aqueous clear paint that combines both features.

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Xennovation Cleaner

Take O

Take O and OM will remove oil mostly by emulsification. However, some oil may not be emulsified. Besides emulsification, Take O and OM make oil to be solubilized. Solubilization, particles of surface activation agent generate micelle, which will decomposing oil, and make oil to be alcohol. That is micellar solubilization. Due to these reaction (emulsification and solubilization), oil on the surface can be totally soluble in water, and even oil film may not be stay on the surface.

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Take C

Take C is unique acid cleaner using the power from sodium acid fluoride and special vinegar (Those are not extremely poisonous substance), and it removes water scale, corrosion, calcium/efflorescence without damage to the base material surface.

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