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What is induction lighting?
By using electromagnetic fields, induction lamps are able to produce more visible light than traditional lighting sources while reducing power consumption up to 50%. Also, because there are no filaments or electrodes to burn out, induction lamps last about 5times longer than High Pressure sodium and Metal halide Bulbs!

Induction Light LED Light
Induction Light LED Light
Induction is less expensive then LED, and more suitable for some indoor applications. Contrary to popular belief, the lifespan of LED is 50,000 versus 100,000 hours for induction when used in exterior applications. Induction has a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) than LED; produces light in the full color spectrum and is available with clear and white lens for heightened fixture efficiency. Induction affords tremendous savings on maintenance in that it is fueled by inert gas eliminating filament burnouts. Energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are changing the way lighting is viewed and the expectation of lighting providers. LEDs are now being used being successfully to replace traditional lighting applications that used HIDs, Metal Halides and fluorescents. LEDs offer benefits including fixture efficiency, long life spans and color choices. AGP has the products for your specified applications. AGP’s Easy Fit is a direct and seamless replacement for T8 tubes, available in 15W, 18W and 20W. 22W tubes are also available.